Product description

Because of content of silver fibers, the Jifitex Ag is perfect for sewing face masks or filters to face masks.



Main advantages

Unique material made out of polypropylene fibers containing silver with high antibacterial efficiency (up to 99,48%). Jifitex Ag is mechanically bonded nonwoven fabric. It has got very high filtration – bacterial reduction up to 99,48 %, good breathability, antibacterial efficiency. Contains silver. It is washable. Application – filter into facemasks, respirators. Suitable for sewing a whole facemask. Bacterial reduction – Klebsiella Pneumonae 97,12 %, Staphylicoccus Aureus 99,48 %.

Technical specifications


Polypropylene with silver fibers

Weight (g/m2))

85 - 115

Width (cm)

up to 150

Height (mm)



as required