Product description

New generation filter designed for filtration of air mass. In its design, it surpasses traditional textile filtration materials with its filtration properties. The filter consists of two layers: a layer for deep filtration and a layer for area filtration. The layer for deep filtration is made by perpendicular laying of carded web.

As is known, filter folding multiplies the filtration area and thus also the quantity of trapped dust considerably. The polyester fibres of which the Elastic Filter is made are very elastic and are not compressed when pressure acts on the filter. The filter is very permeable and traps effectively up to 99% of filtered dust in the M5 filtration class.

Main advantages

  • High filtration efficiency
  • Twice as long service life
  • Fibre releasing does not take place
  • Application up to a temperature of 90°c
  • Recyclable
  • Harmless to health
  • Safe handling
  • It can be used in a humid environment
Technical specifications


PES, PE binder

Weight (g/m2))

350 - 1000

Width (cm)

up to 180

Height (mm)

18 - 38


as required