Elastic Antinoise


Product description

Excellent sound and heat insulation. Acoustic insulation is used to reduce
the transmission of sound sources in residential areas, transport facilities and vehicles. By the conjunction with exceptional struto technology it gets this high ability to absorb sound, dimensionally stable over time, does not create odors in wet environments and the fleece almost doesn’t absorb moisture. Does not lose its features, even in aggressive environments or during any manipulation. The fleece Antinoise is easy to use, it is easily molded.

Main advantages

  • Stability and form constancy
  • Resistance in aggresive environments
  • Light weight, formability
  • Very low flammability
  • Non-toxic
  • Health and environmental safety
  • Recyclability
Technical specifications


a blend of 100% PES

Weight (g/m2))

120 – 1200

Width (cm)

up to 230

Height (mm)

18 – 38


as required