• stability and shape retention
  • 100% natural material
  • lightness, permeability
  • humidity absorption
  • harmlessness to health and the environment
  • recyclability


Wool, PLA

Weight (g/m2):

120 - 1000

Width (cm):

60 - 230

Height (mm):

18 - 38

Length (mm):

as required

Without chemical treatment. Supplied in rolls or cut lengths.

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Fields of application:

Furniture, Mattresses, Insulation, Construction, Clothing

Product information:

It also has the excellent properties of the Elastic class fleeces in combination with the exceptional Struto technology. Apart from being 100% natural, this fleece offers a combination of benefits of wool fibres such as stability, elasticity, permeability and thermal stability with the benefits of PLA fibres which are in particular resistance to light radiation and biological degradability.

Documents for downloading:

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