• stability and shape retention
  • resistance in demanding environments
  • lightness and shaping ability
  • very low flammability
  • non-toxic combustion products
  • harmlessness to health and environment
  • recyclability


Mixture of 100% PES

Weight (g/m2):

120 - 1000

Width (cm):

60 - 230

Height (mm):

18 - 38

Length (mm):

as required

Without chemical treatment. Supplied in rolls or cut lengths.

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Fields of application:

Insulation, Filtration, Transport industry, Construction

Product information:

Insulation is used in order to retain heat and to reduce the transfer of the noise source in living facilities. This fleece has high ability to absorb noise, has long-term shape stability, it does not smell in a humid environment and virtually does not absorb at all in combination with the exceptional Struto technology. It does not lose its properties either in aggressive atmosphere or during handling. Working with Antinoise fleece is easy, it can be shaped very easily.

Documents for downloading:

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