• excellent resistance to compression
  • high level of recovery after loading
  • high permeability
  • resistance to burning
  • easy shaping
  • environmentally-friendly
  • harmlessness to health
  • voluminosity, lightness


Mixture 100% PES

Weight (g/m2):

400 - 800

Width (cm):

60 - 230

Height (mm):

18 - 38

Length (mm):

as required

Without chemical treatment. Supplied in rolls or cut lengths.

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Fields of application:

Furniture, Mattresses, Insulation, Filtration, Transport industry, Construction, Clothing

Product information:

This revolutionary synthetic fleece has been created by combining the properties of Struto exceptional technology and special bonding fibres.

Excellent fleece offers the maximum utility value for the complete period of service life, high elasticity, resistance to compression and deformation and also long-lasting shape stability. When compared with the most frequently used PUR foams, it moreover offers permeability, it does not decompose under the effects of UV radiation, it retains neither humidity nor water and does not release toxic gases when burning. Furthermore, it can be fully recycled.

Documents for downloading:

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