We produce, innovate and sell a wide range of products in the field of non-woven and technical fleeces. Our strength consists in continuous improvement of fleeces and their properties, as well as research and development of new improved materials in order to satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements. Join us and offer your customers the best state-of-the art products.


Jilana, a. s. (Jilana Joint-Stock Company) has a long-standing tradition and its foundation dates back to the 18th century. Count Plm established a wool spinning mill in Malý Beranov in 1774. The spinning mill was reconstructed on an industrial basis in 1836. The mill with spinning rights was acquired by the Swiss company Schmidt and Norbel from Basel in 1845. The industrialists Adolf Löw and B.Schmall from Brno bought the plant in 1870. The factory for the production of cloth and blankets was nationalized and incorporated into the Moravsko-slezské vlnařské závody company at the end of 1945. On 3rd October 1949, the independent state-owned company JILANA was established. This company existed until 1951. The Jilana company was incorporated into the national company PARTEX from 1952. The state company PARTEX was disintegrated at the beginning of the 1990s and Jilana a.s. was established as of 1st December 1993.

Certificates and Awards

International certification (ISO) in the field of quality management, environmental protection and labour safety.

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